Company Overview

LeapRE and our partners are leading providers of solutions that help agents optimize their listings, processes, and technology — resulting in outstanding client experiences and long-term competitive advantage. With unrivaled experience, expertise, technology, and an unwavering commitment to our customers` success, LeapRE is dedicated to helping agents achieve outstanding business results by helping them serve their clients more efficiently and effectively.

The LeapRE Mission

To increase the productivity and service standard of top performing residential real estate agents, while saving them time, energy and marketing dollars. We create systems to help time-pressed agents streamline, automate, and manage their businesses, so agents can focus on the crucial roles of lead generation and relationship-building.

Company History

LeapRE was created when CEO and Founder Paul Lazarre met Jennifer Ames, successful Chicago real estate agent. Paul Lazarre’s first venture in healthcare technology had just been sold, and Paul was interested in buying investment property. As Jennifer helped Paul find the right property, Paul couldn’t help but notice that Jennifer’s system for managing a complex real estate business was antiquated and time consuming. Since Paul’s mission in the health care industry was to bring doctors and medical practices new technologies to make their medical practice be more efficient, he had a good idea about the tools Jennifer needed to make her business grow.

Fast forward to 2011 – many of the products that Paul originally developed for Jennifer’s business are the foundational elements of LeapRE. LeapRE has maintained a singular focus for the past 6 years on helping agents deliver outstanding client experiences and achieve superior sales results. The LeapRE team has more than 20 years of software development and data integration experience and an intuitive understanding of the real estate industry. It is committed to delivering ever more powerful tools that employ the most innovative and broadly adapted technologies to manage a residential real estate business to greater levels of success.


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