Leap’s Advanced Mobile Features

Today we’ll be discussing advanced mobile features for our users, and how they can take notes about their showings on location! For those of you new to Leap’s mobile world, please check out one of our earlier blogs about getting our mobile app here before going on.

Helpful tip: We highly recommend that BlackBerry users install the “Opera” browser.  The reason we recommend this is because BlackBerry’s own web browser can be rather sluggish and ornery when dealing with certain websites. You can find the website here and the mobile site here.

The main page of Leap’s mobile interface is something with which we hope you are all familiar, and it can be found at m.leapre.com. Once there, click on “Showing Notes”, and select yourself as the resource. A page similar to the image on the right is what you should see:

You will be able to choose which kinds of showings you are interested in entering notes for: past, recent and upcoming, and ones with or without notes.

Upon selecting the relevant property, a page will appear into which you can enter notes:

Once notes are entered, emails are sent and notes saved. You will later be able to find these notes in the feedback reports separated by each individual appointment entry. This can come in handy when sellers ask about specific buyer-interest months down the road, which you will now be able to show them because of the notes you have taken.

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