System Updates: How Price Point Showings Help Inform a Top Agent

We’ve rolled out some great statistical features this past week that may seem small but can have some large implications for number-savvy agents. Many of our top users are agents that build their business decisions around data insights and we continually develop features toward that end.

The new Leap 5.0 interface rolled out with a statistic in the Scheduling > Appointment tab called “Price Point Showings”, shown above right. The price point showings statistic is the average showings per week per property for listings in Chicagoland that are between 80% and 120% of a listing’s price, over the last 8 weeks. This statistic, coupled with your average showings per week, can be a good quick indicator on the market’s activity.

But that’s not all– then we went a level deeper in our detail and broke the price point showings average down into neighborhoods. The benefit here is that agents can use these three statistics to get a better impression of the market’s response to a listing and how they are faring. Comparing the above (test) listing shows that at 1.23 showings a week, 4336 N St Louis is outperforming both the entire market and the specific neighborhood. An agent can see that they have a hot property and/or convey their successful marketing work if they are outperforming these numbers.

Conversely, agents can see if their listing is under performing understand that it may be time for a price reduction or other significant marketing measure. Either way, agents using this information in listing presentations can guarantee sellers that they well be informed of their listing’s performance as compared to other similar properties.

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1 Response to System Updates: How Price Point Showings Help Inform a Top Agent

  1. Rerbecca Singh says:

    Great idea, Worthy for sellers to understand showings

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