Top 20 Movers and Shakers in Chicago Real Estate

We were in both a competitive and congratulatory mood this week. With that in mind, we decided the best way to appease these spirits was to take a look at how agents are performing the top half of this year, just to see who was doing remarkably well.

Although all of this data is available publicly, we hadn’t seen it assembled into a digestible format yet. For this information, Leap gathered the data for agents selling over $2 million in transactions over the past two years. We then pulled their current year-to-date sales up until June 1st, and compared that to the same time frame of 2010.

Rather than simply point out the top producers or rank according to transactions or list sales, we wanted to shine light on the top movers and shakers who have seen the greatest jump in performance since this time last year. Call it a “Most Improved Agent” Award. (Except there’s no real “award” other than this free publicity and a digital pat-on-the-back.)

Although not in the top 20, we wanted to call special attention to movers like Paige Dooley and Jeff Lowe, who made yearly jumps from 266th the 14th, and 31st to 2nd, respectively. Awesome work guys!

If you’d like the full list of this data, we’ll give it to you. The entire spreadsheet contains comparisons on list sales, transactions, and rank change for over 300 top producers in Chicago. There’s a good chance you’re on it, and you can see your sales pace compared to last years. All you need to do is:

1) Head here and grab a free Leap Account:

2) Enter “Agent Rank” as your referral source.

3) We’ll send you the spreadsheet via email and you can check out the ranks yourself.

Congratulations are in order for some of the most improved agents in Chicagoland. Keep up the good work!

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