RE Technology is More Than Social Media

What comes to mind when you think of the word ‘technology’? It may be super fast computers, robots with advanced artificial intelligence, or alternatively fueled automobiles that fly. Technology is a broad term, and depending on your interests and view, this word can conjure up various associations.

One current debate topic of discussion in the real estate world is just how much technology one should rely on and why. It seems the consensus is divided between those who believe agents can benefit from technology and those that believe it is a waste of time or too much of a hassle. In an insightful video from Chicago Agent Magazine, top performing agents were asked how important it is to stay abreast of current technology.

It’s interesting to note that many of these agents seem to immediately make ‘technology’ in real estate synonymous with ‘social media’, and most of them key off on the pros and cons of Facebook or Twitter. The jury is still out on how effective those ‘tools’ are in lead generation or in closing.

The truth is, the Internet and Web 2.0 has brought about much more technological growth for agents and businesses than simply social media, and its effect has become so profound that sometimes it’s easy to miss. Most top producers will agree that technology is key in growing and simplifying their lives and brand in some aspect, and we must keep in mind innovations in the form of mobile devices, tablets, applications, software, and websites (not rooted in social media) and their impact on the market. TechSavvyAgent does a good job of profiling new technologies and how they can benefit agents in The Queue, and it’s important to have an eye out on those advancements that can save you time and/or money.

At the end of the day, no one technology will solve all of your problems, nor will one technology replace the experience of face-to-face networking, discussion, and selling. But LeapRE and many other Internet companies seek to help agents divide their time better to become more efficient and productive in their business. So remember, while social media may have its pros and cons, technology as a innovative force is here to be adopted and create progress when integrated with your tried-and-true marketing methods.

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