Are Analytics a Part of Realtor Professionalism?

We’d like to think so. And we’d like for this thought process to get some serious consideration in the weeks to come. There all hallmarks that indicate your competence to handle the responsibility of being a real estate agent. People often think of consideration, respect, and the Golden Rule key concepts to professionalism in realty and many careers. Heading back to our question and regard for Top Producers versus just any agent, what kind of professionalism goes above and beyond the call of duty?

Our frequent collaborators at Chicago Agent Magazine share an interesting post in this article:

“Having a license is not all there is to being a Realtor, having a license does not equip you by any means to be a professional in our industry today. It gets you in the door. But it is incumbent on individual agents to realize that they are professionals and that they should be held to a higher standard. If you want your clients and customers to view you as an expert and professional, you need to act like one and to perform like one.” – Craig Hogan, managing broker for Keller Williams Gold Coast

Amen. Most of these qualities are obvious: You’re on time, and you call to reschedule if you’re running late. You return phone calls to agents and clients promptly. You act with due diligence in researching your market. You aren’t lazy. Your treat other agents like you would want to be treated. Fortunately, our polling has shown an increase in positive agent-to-agent interactions over the past three years, despite trying times.
agent-to-agent experiences

And this sounds easy enough, right? Sure. But in the quest for ever-increasing sales and performance from agents, we’d ask you consider one more thing – numbers.

Being a professional means measuring your effectiveness and constantly trying to improve. Monitoring your own showing activity to understand when you perform better. Creating easily digestible metrics to help you and your clients understand when a price reduction might be necessary. The numbers are there and the proof is in the pudding. The question is are you professional enough to seek them and understand what they mean? If so, kudos. But if not, we are here to help. Power to the professionals.

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