Top Performing Agents: Beyond the Numbers

We’re pleased to bring you an early glimpse at this month’s data submission to Chicago Agent Magazine, and wanted to take a brief look at the numbers behind the top selling agents in the city. While we’re excited to see how Chicago Agent presents these numbers in their own way, we thought we’d take a stab at some diagrams first.

We tend to work well in the hands of top real estate agents. So what does it mean to be a “top agent”? As a seller, what are the benefits to working with this upper echelon of agent?

By the numbers, There are only 171 agents at the $10 million in sales range, who’s total sales account for almost 20% of the total real estate sales in Chicago. That’s  1.3% of the 13,000 agents who sold at least one listing in 2010, while the other 98.7% make up the remaining 80% of sales. The data indicates that these top performers are more likely to sell closer to list price, as typically they sell homes at 95.3% of the listing price compared to 92.9% list-to-sale for the lowest tier of agents (in our study this was anyone selling less than $2 million in 2010). Similarly,  top agents post sales twenty-three days faster then the lowest tier agents, on average.

As a seller, these factors no doubt play a role in who markets your home. Securing a high-volume agent will increase your chances of getting your listing priced right and coming in strong in negotiations, as well as selling in a faster time frame. BUT, that is not to say that excellent, efficient agents don’t exist at the 1 or 4 or 9 million-in-sales mark. Certainly not.

Top agents can exist at any sales level. Top performing agents are those that are passionate, dedicated, and diligent in their pursuits of the real estate business. Serious agents that optimize, organize, and streamline their business for results. If you fall into this group you are well on your way to becoming a top performing agent, and your presence on this blog is appreciated. That said, we look forward to working with you soon.

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