Product Post: PeekaCity

peekacityYou hear it all the time: Location, location, location. Buyers know it, sellers know it, and as an agent, it’s your responsibility to be able to inform about it.

Short of surveying your listings and recording every amenity in a few mile radius, this was a very difficult task years ago. One more place we knew we could improve the quality of agent reports and presentations (not to mention save them time), was in completing this step for agents using intelligent mapping.

Communities are sorted, amenities shown, and areas of interest highlighted using PeekaCity. Within a few a clicks you can see nearby schools, hospitals, transportation, restaurants, and grocery stores, then generate a PDF, embed it in your website, or email it to a buyer — complete with custom branding. PeekaCity is currently available in Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Manhattan, Atlanta and Boston. The most fully customizable and easy-to-use mapping solution to reflect an agents knowledge and experience. Showcase your neighborhood today.

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