Real Trends and Mario Greco

A bit of thanks is due for our friends at the Mario Greco Group. A few months ago, trusted real estate site Real Trends did a spotlight on the technology the Greco team utilizes to stay in touch and connected to their clients. Being ranked the 26th best real estate agent in the country by the Wall Street Journal is an impressive feat, and communication and organization are paramount toward that achievement.  Can you guess what technology Mr. Greco chose to speak on?

Leap RE Software, of course! And we’re still blushing. But in all seriousness, we are grateful and flattered Mr. Greco chose to showcase our system. Greco highlighted that LeapRE helps organize his business specifically by syncing schedules, staying in touch, and following through.

He continues,

“Sellers love feedback. I can see a potential seller’s eyes light up when I tell him or her about the feedback we offer, explain our system, and show the detailed feedback spreadsheets we keep for each listing. There are a thousand different things the system can do. We focus on the feedback and meshing the personal touch with the technology.”

So don’t just take our word for it. See how successful agents are using LeapRE products to simplify and streamline all points of the selling process. For the full article, check Real Trends here, or view it directly on the Mario Greco Group website.

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