Product Post: DotHome

To start off our blogging about the housing market, we thought it only right to start internally by showcasing the suite of great products we currently offer to agents. One of the more robust of our products is DotHome.

DotHome is a tracking system to assist in seller communications. It generates and distributes timely reports for your clients’ viewing, based on your listing’s web traffic, showing traffic, and other marketing activities. It allows agents to compare overall and individual traffic to their properties, provide fact-based analytics to clients, or compare and rate similar properties to assist in price reduction conversations.

Increased hardship and competition in the housing sector requires attention to detail and constant communication to sellers. LeapRE understands that need, and makes the features of DotHome cater to this demand. Bad communication is one of the biggest complaints from consumers, and we aspire to give you the tools you need to ensure you never lose a client on such grounds again. We are proud to report that leading Midwest agents have boasted increased closing rates and decreased cancellation rates across the board.

Key benefits of DotHome include:

  • Impress clients with your marketing efforts and professionalism
  • Maintain client retention through improved communication
  • Hold data-driven discussions with clients about their listing and the marketplace

Stay tuned as we add functionality to the DotHome portal, and be sure to check back for additional tips on usage and success stories with DotHome.

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